Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some Pictures of Me!

Mom was really hopeful I didn't have to go to the bridge since I was so happy, but my walking gets worse every day, and this morning I'm not too bothered about my breakfast either. She really hopes I can make it another day, but she knows she may well have to take me to be helped this evening.
In the meantime, I'm constantly being bombarded with the flashy box. Here are some pictures of me.


Castle said...

He Texie, you look so handsome in those pictures, like a tiger! We are so sorry to hear that you may have to go to the Bridge tonight...we have been thinking of you all day and we continue to hope so hard for a miracle for you, like we used to with Stormie.

If you do make the journey to the magical place this evening, we are sure your journey will be peaceful, you will have many friends to welcome you and play with you until you can be reunited with you family again one day. Stormie will be the first to welcome you, we are sure of that.

Leaking eyes here right now so we are gonna go...Meowmie is helping me type from her work place!

Lots of love Texie, to you and your Humans x

DEBRA said...

Those are some really great pictures of you and you do look very contented and happy. We like to see that and we are just thankful to have you hear right here and now...



goldenshade said...

Oh Texas! Those are some nice pictures of you.

You have been in our thoughts all weekend. Purring for a miracle.

If you go to the bridge tonight know you'll be met with lots of love.

For now, have a little nap and get some lovin' from your mom and dad.

purrs to you three,

Goldie and Shade

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Oh Texas.. We have been purraying for you. Our foster, Shay, had to go to The Rainbow Bridge last week. He was very sick. He is happy and well now, and if you have to leave, we know he'll be waiting for you. Maybe Stormie will show you both around.

(((Hugs))) and purrs from us...
~ The Bunch

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Aw're such a sweetheart staying with your mom right now. She will help you when you tell her. You are SO loved.


HotMBC said...

You look furry handsum in thems piktures, Texas. We hope you feel well enough to not haf to go to the Bridge tonite. But if yoo feels so bad yoo got to, it's ok to go on. Fanks for sharin yore Mommy's emale and ofur blog wif us. We will try to help her lots when yoo do hafta go.
Luv n lotsa purrs,
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Those are lovely photos of you Texas.


KC said...

KC said...
O, Texas, you do look like a furry hansom tiger in those pickshures. And you look happy an like you knows you's loved. Cause you are!
We's been purring and purraying fur a mirackle, too. We's hating to haf to say goodbye so soon.
i's know Bear will be there to greet you, she's tha little bitty charcoal poodle that acts like a kitty. She even tries to PURRR, but it comes out Grr.. Grr.. Grrurrrrrr.
We loves you, Texas...

The Island Cats said...

Great pictures of you, Texas. You know, you might get tired of the flashy box but it really helps your mom and dad...

We're thinking of you!!!!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

PB 'n J said...

Oh Texas, you look wonderful in those photos - you look quite content.

We certainly hope that you don't go to the Bridge ever, but we know that our big sister and brother will be there to show you the way.

We'll light a candle for you tonight, just in case you need a light to guide you.

Pearl, Bert and Jake

Whicky Wuudler said...

Hi Texie, you are such a handsome fella. You look relaxed in the photographs and I know you are loved very much. Take it easy brave little guy. Sending love and purrs to you all xx

Parker said...

Texas, it is so clear in those photos how very much you are loved. We are lighting a candle for you this evening and Mommy has asked our "Ones Who Came Before" to be there if you make the journey. They'll be in the huge crowd at the Bridge that welcomes you.
All my purrs and love to your and your family.
Godspeed my friend. It's been an honor knowing you.