Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny Picture Friday!

Remember, you only have until 3 PM EST today to submit your picshures! I will announce the winners tonight. Ann from Zoolatry has made a bootiful graffic we will give out to the winners and last week's winners too. Please email them to fractious cat at gmail dot com or post linkies to them in yesterday's Thankful Thursday comments.
UPDATE: Due to a few issues receiving pictures, the deadline for all is extended until Midnight EST FRIDAY! Please check your comments/ email to see if I told you I couldn't open your linkie/ read your picture. Even if you hadn't tried to enter, you can still enter now!
Here is my picshur of the week to get you allz started.

Good luck effurycat!


Snickers said...

Ok we emailed you the picture!! :) ~Queen Snickers

Eric and Flynn said...

I tried to email my photo to you this morning but it was returned as timed out at gmail and deleted from the queue. I'll try again next week.
Purrs Flynn

Sweet Praline said...

Sorry we didn't get in on the picture contest. We were too busy trying to update the blogger list and helping mom to feel better. Thanks for visiting our site and leaving your address. We are almost caught up!