Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Story, Part 2

OK, now for the part of the story about the cansur. So, like I said, in March I started sneezing. Mommy and Daddy thought I had a cold or something, it was just a tiny bit of sneezin’, but they had plans to go see sum bean family of theirs in another state. So theyz left me with their roommate and saidz call us if he gets worse, and here’s the vet #. And when they got back 3 days later I was maybe a tiny bit worse. They made a vet appointment for the day next day. By then I had developed a cough, but mommy and daddy still thought I had a cold.

So, they get me to the vet. And the Vet Lady is checking me out, and she stops all of a sudden and goes “ohhh, did you guys ever feel this lump?”. And she shows Mommy and Daddy, and they feel it, they’d never felt it before, and it was big. Mommy said her heart really stopped that moment. Anyways, they did some X-rays and stuffs and they gave me some antibiotics cuz I had Ammonia, the sneezy-wheezy kind- not the chemical kind, and told Mommy and Daddy to drive me far away to a speshulist for a biospy. Here’s a picshur of me with my “satelitte dish” on after my biospy.

The Vet Surgeon called on April 10th to tell Mommy and Daddy I had multi-centric lymphoblastic lymphoma. What a mouthful for a kitty! By the time my diagnoshis came in, I had two lumps, one under my chin and one on the right side near my ear.

Mommy didn’t know if she wanted me to have kemo. They said that I’d probably only get 6-9 months, even with kemo. They said I had 2-4 months without it. Mommy didn’t really think that 4-5 extra months was very much, and the kemo alone costs about 5 fousand dollerrs over about 6 months, after she’d just spented over a thousand dollerrs on my biospy. And way more important than that, she didn’t want me to be miserable on kemo! She spent lotses of time on the feline lymphoma support group (anyfurrbody with feline lymphoma and their bean should check out this site!) and they said to just give it a shot one-week at a time to see how well I did, and they gave her lots of links for finanshul help to pay for my kemo.

Mommy took me for my first kemo treatment, L-Asparagus (L-Asaparginase, or Elspar, but me and Mommy like to call it L-Asparagus), on April 28th. They called Mommy from the Kemo Place and said that the canser had spread to my kidneys and my spleen and wanted to know if she still wanted the kemo for me. Mommy asked if I still had a chance, and they said maybe my prognoshus was more like 6-8 months now, but yes I still had a chance, and I could always go a lot longer than that or a lot shorter, you never knew. Plus they said my canser is kind of untypical, so that makes it harder for them to guess. They told mom cuz of all the spreading, without chemo, I only had about 2 weeks left!! Since I am here writing this story today, you know mommy told them yes, do the chemo.

Mommy is going to put the rest of this in a third part so this post isn't so long.


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Whicky Wuudler said...

That must have been so scary to find out that the lumps had spread. You are one brave kitty Texie!