Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Wow, today is definitely thankful. I spent a bunch of time visiting lots of cat sites today thanking all the cats that visited me. I still have a few more cats to visit tomorrow though.

I am also thankful because I am no longer in the lawndry room. See, mommy and daddy have a big basement. Half of it is my room, with the big cat tree I have to show you one day, and the other half is now the lawndry room. Well, the door between the two rooms is always closed cuz the lawndry room is also a storage room and there are too many places for me to hide there (as if there could be such a thing!! hmph!). Well, mommy and daddy, in addition to having a big basement, have an absent minded roommate, named D. D doesn't notice me when I sneak into the lawndry room when he goes in there to do lawndry, what else, and occasionally I get locked in there for a little bit. This doesn't happen much, cuz mommy gets quite annoyed at D, as do I of course. I only got locked in for like ten minutes today, silly D!

Lastly, I have a meme to complete. I got tagged for this by Abby.
Here is the picture of our cold box:

Mommy has just a few things on it,but her favorite is the picture of her and daddy and she is also is quite proud of her dean's list letter and the note saying she passed her A+ exam. For this meme, we tag whoever wants to complete it.
As for what's in it, the fridge part not so interusting, but the freezer has CHIKKIN!!! Daddy makes me chikkin when the kemo is making my tummy messed up and I'm not so hungry. But now I'm eating lots, so I haven't gotten chikken :( Hmph, maybe my parents have it all wrong....

Off to chips box central, see you soon!


Mickey said...

Hi Texas!!! I agree that it is very hard to visit every cat in one day!! There are so many :)
It is always fun,though ,to meet new kitties. I hope things are going well for you!!!!!
I like your coldbox meme :)It looks like ours! heehee
Purrs Mickey

Cat Street Boyz said...

Hi Texas, glad to meet you! We hope you are doing well and always keep a positive attitude. =^Y^=Setzer & the Cat Street Boyz

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh dear, that's horrible that you were in the laundry. I am glad you got out too!

Sweet Praline said...

Hi Texas

Mom has set up the "blog list" to show her when her fur friends post a new blog. She says it has really helped her to keep up with the kitties in her list first and then she visits the blogosphere. We have just finished reading your story and want to keep up with your progress. Mom has added you to her blog list. Please come by and visit.

michico*Adan said...

Visit every cat in one day is very tired, because there are billion cats around the world at least, hahaha~~~~~
We are trying our best, aren't we?

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yeah, we don't visit effuryone in one day either...der are a lot of us kitties and mom hasta do something besides help us visit or, as dad sez, da house will fall down around us. We is furry glad yoo gots remission and hope it lasts a squillion years.