Sunday, July 6, 2008

Help, I'm stuck in the chips box!!

I love my potato chip box. Mommy and Daddy get potato chips in bulk at the Bulk Food Store. They get 3 big bags in a really big box. One time they left the empty box on the floor for a few minutes while they unpacked the grow sherries, and I discovered I really liked it. So Daddy keeps the chips box under daddy's computer chair for me to sit in.

Well lately I've been scratching the back of the box. Daddy thinks it's funny, and he keeps saying "Texie, if you want to leave the box, just turn around, silly kitty!"

I have chemo tomorrow, and mommy is a little worried about me. I've had chemo 3 weeks in a row, and there is a bit of a compound effect going on in that my tummy doesn't finish getting fixed before I get the next week of chemo. Well, tomorrow is the doxorubicin, the Big Scary Drug, and I didn't do so well with that last time. And last time I had had a week off chemo before it because I didn't have enough of a kind of white blood cell, and they let me rest to make some more blood cells. This time I won't have had the week off, and so mommy isn't sure how her and daddy will keep me eating. She is going to ask the Vet Peeple if there is anything else they can do for my tummy (I'm already on several tummy medicines. I don't yak hardly ever, but I cut back drastically on my food intake and lick my lips and drool a bit if the chemo makes me feel icky).

The good news is that tomorrow is my LAST WEEKLY CHEMO! I get 2 whole weeks off, and then I start every other week chemo. This makes mommy a little nervous because mommy has heard that this is when quite a few cats come out of remission--when their chemo frequency is lowered to one of the maintenace phases like this-- but we all know that I won't stay in remission forever. Hopefully I will stay in remission for quite a bit longer though- I've got about a month in remission so far now-and therefore will be able to enjoy having less effects of chemo.

Wish me luck. I will my write my Full Story Thus Far in the next few days.


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Castle said...

welcome to blogland my litle friend...Storm would be so happy to know you are doing this! We are incredibly pleased to know that she has inspired you...a blog is such a wonderful account of life.

i am going to announce your blog and ask the Cat Blogosphere to qwelcome you on their news pages...i think you might get a few visitors once this has happened.

by the way - we couldn;t see the date of your post so not sue if you have had your chemo did it go? how is your tummy?

(Storm's brother)